Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test & Counseling

“Rediscover yourself”

Most adults never use 70% of their talents and end up in the wrong profession……… are you headed the same way?

Want to shine and achieve your highest potential?

Come and join our extensive career guidance programs with certified, experienced counselors , life coaches and trainers who not only will guide you on the art of success but will also equip you with life skills and various career planning tools like psychometric tests and DMIT to assess and choose perfect careers for yourself, tapping your inborn talents and highest potential to lead a life filled with health, joy, creative fulfillment and success in a balanced way.

We guide you to:

  • Explore various career options with new age centric, tools, like scientifically designed career assessment test, psychometric /aptitude test, multiple intelligence test (DMIT), career bank of over 250, 000 global and new careers to help students and parents to choose the best career path.
  • A bouquet of services such as online/ one to one career guidance, counseling, comprehensive career report based on multiple intelligence, interests, priorities, study habits, learning style, adjustment levels, ambition & thought process.
  • Help you select extra-curricular activities, higher education & suitable career based on inborn talents & potential and improve memory power by identifying individual brain storage pattern.

Our Career Counseling through Aptitude Testing & DMIT helps you match your talents and potentials with your interests and helps you choose appropriate careers from a wide range of choices suited to your abilities.

Age group 3 to 10 years

Know your child Inborn Talent. Identify best learning style for your child. select Activities based upon their innate potential. Identify your child Multiple Intelligence. Improve relationship between parents and children.

Age group 11 to 17 years

Know your Personal Quotients, IQ-EQ-AQ-CQ-SQ. Know you’re analytical and creative Skills. Understand your intrinsic potential. Get your Preferred Learning Style based on Visual, Auditory, and Kinaesthetic.

Age group 16 years and above

Know Your Personality Types. Develop your core competencies. Recognize your Multiple Intelligence. Know your Strength and weakness based on MI Theory. Find the most suitable learning and leadership.


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